Phoenix Wedding Photographer - Studio 616 Photography - Phoneix AZ USA

What to Wear

1• Coordinating color is what really brings your wardrobe together

2• Choose two to three main colors of wardrobe, and maybe one accent pop of color.

3• Expression is important… We want to see your personality through your wardrobe.

4• Neutrals, earth tones and subtle colors photograph best.          

          -Blues, Grays, Tans, Mustard Yellow & Maroon           

5• NO fluorescent or bright colors.          

           -Fluorescent colors will overtake the photo          

          -No bright pinks, purples, etc.

6•We recommend no more than 2 outfits          

          -The one you arrive in, and 1 change

7• Bring props!

          -Hats, jackets, sports equipment,

          -A Bike, motorcycle,

          -Balloons, fresh flowers,

          -Anything that tells the story of you.

          -This isn't required, but it's really fun!

8• Bring makeup and a brush for quick touch-ups during photo shoot

Day Of Session


          -This may sound obvious, but it happens a lot

          -Give us a call if your running behind

2• Personal Items

          -We can carry around your small items in our cart.

3• Have fun!

            -We'll take care of making you look fantastic 

            -At times, we'll  have you pose a certain way.

            -Other times we might ask you to do something natural.

            -MOST IMPORTANT... HAVE FUN!!!